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Please read our Quick Guide to learn how to navigate through the site and to order our services and to pay.


From our Homepage you can choose one of services by clicking the appropriate link, e.g. Order Service HP-6.

This will bring you to the page containing an Ordering Form where your name, email address and input data should be entered.

After submitting this form (by clicking the "Submit" button) you will get to the appropriate pay.htm page, in this case, where the link "Please CLICK HERE to PAY for your submitted order." appears.

By clicking this link you can add the selected service to the shopping cart of 2CheckOut, where you can pay by credit card by clicking "Check Out".

Of course, you can also remove some (or all) of the items that are already in the shopping cart before you "check out" and pay.

You can also pay by check or (U.S./international) money order as explained in our FAQ.

If you have a ClickBank account, or would prefer payment via iBill, (or your credit card was not accepted by 2CheckOut,) please submit your order from the websites Americanada or Infoplaza.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) contain the answers to the most common questions. Any additional questions should be directed to

Placing an order for one or more services offered through this site expresses explicit consent of the client with our Terms and Conditions and additional provisions listed under Frequently Asked Questions on this site.

Questions and concerns regarding credit card payments and any other inquiries should be directed to

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